Video Checklist

Once you’ve completed the online REGISTRATION FORM, you have the option to create a maximum 3-minute video. This isn’t a mandatory requirement to qualify for the regional cook-offs, but if you want to submit a video, you can be in the running to win 1 of 6 $250 Prezzee cash vouchers.

You can create any dish you think best showcases your skills and best demonstrates your personality as a chef.

Check out our top tip for putting your video together:



Please upload your video HERE.

Video Prize Categories


A prize will be also be awarded for a video entry who best meets one of the following six video categories, listed below:

1.  Most Entertaining Video

2.  Most Sustainable Approach

3.  Best Presented Plate

4.  Most Creative Entrée

5.  Most Creative Main

6.  Most Creative Dessert


video checklist image

Your video must include:


A.    Introduction

B.     Dish Description & Preparation

C.     Wearing Chef Uniform

A. Introduction


Your name, where you are from, your most recent place of employment or study and concisely answer one question from the options below:

(Choose 1 from the list to answer)

1. Why do you love cooking? What drew you to food?
2. What sustainable practices do you incorporate into your cooking? (.e.g. reducing food waste, growing own ingredients, sourcing locally)
3. What most motivates you to do what you do?
4. Being a chef to me means... (5 words or less)
5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
6. What’s your most memorable culinary moment so far?


Handy Hint: Always start your response by repeating the question back!

I love cooking because…

What motivates me to do what I do is…

The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to…


B. Dish Description & Preparation


1. Be as descriptive as possible using your personality to sell the dish to the judges.
2. Explain the components of the dish.
3. Explain the techniques used in preparation.
4. State the overall time of preparation.
5. Clarify any unusual preparation practices.


C. Wearing Chef Uniform


1.  Please be in full chef whites to present yourselves professionally.

Video Scoring Criteria = 5


Camera Presence (2)
Personal Presentation (1)
Story Telling (1)
Lighting (0.5)
Audio (0.5)

Camera Presence


1. Shoot your video horizontally
2. Focus your eyes to camera
3. Let your personality shine through


Personal Presentation


1. Chef whites
2. Present yourself in the best way Make sure there’s a flow to what you’re saying Present yourself in the best way



Story Telling


1. Map out what you want to say in the max 3-min time
2. Prepare and rehearse your main points
3. Make sure there’s a flow to what you’re saying





1. Is the lighting good?
2. Make sure your close up of the dish isn’t blurry





1. Is the audio clear?
2. Make sure the sound isn’t fuzzy or muffled



Background Music


1. You don’t need to have background music in your video, but - If you do want to, please don’t use commercial tracks as we can’t purpose across social media unlicensed.